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Speak Out for the President’s Jobs Plan

Over the past week, volunteers across the state hosted American Jobs Act house meetings in their homes, in coffeeshops, and in libraries. Folks came together to discuss the President’s jobs plan and how it would benefit New Hampshire. More than that, these get-togethers were a discussion about how to let others in our communities know about key elements of the plan--such as cutting payroll taxes for up to 30,000 New Hampshire small businesses, putting 1,700 first responders and teachers in the state back to work, and helping our military veterans who are returning to the civilian workforce.

Vice President Biden in New Hampshire 10.20.2011

Dan and Erin Feltes’ house meeting in Concord got a special surprise as well, when Vice President Joe Biden stopped by. The Vice President’s visit wasn’t just about hugs and photographs though; it was about discussing the real issues facing the meeting-goers--from getting people back to work, to investing in education, and weathering the housing crisis. The Vice President listened intently, laid out the reasons why inaction is not an option, and talked about why it’s so important it is to let others know about the President’s plan and its benefits.

Would you like Want to know more about the jobs plan? There are still house meetings happening across the state. Stop by one today or sign up to get more information from one of our organizers in your area. Want to lend your voice to spreading the benefits of the plan in your community? Write a letter to the editor of your local paper or share your story with us.

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