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Southern Genesee Dems Blow Out the Candles

Fenton- Southern Genesee County held an organizing meeting in honor of the President’s 50th birthday at the Fenton Community Center. What a turn out! More than thirty people from the county came out to eat cake, drink coffee, and talk about how to organize for Obama 2012 in their neighborhood.

Southern Genesee county 2

The excited mood was evident.

“I know with President Obama as our leader we are being taken care of. I have put all my faith in this man" said George from Fenton. He enjoyed meeting others that support the President.

Southern Genesee county 1

The whole room felt that they were part of something bigger than all of us, and that the average person does indeed have a voice! Missed the house meeting but want to get involved in Genesee County? It’s easier than you think. You can e-mail Kyle McCree at [email protected] or click here to get involved in your neighborhood.

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