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Southern Arizona Neighborhood Teams Organizing for President Obama

Over thirty neighborhood volunteers from across Southern Arizona came together for a day of training, team building and 2012 planning. These volunteers are some of the leaders that will be taking on the challenge of turning Arizona blue in 2012. Based on their energy, drive and dedication I am certain this goal will be realized.

Our teams are diverse and reflective of our community. We have student teams from the University of Arizona, teams from the Catalina suburbs and team members from rural Nogales.

Most of these teams are just getting their sea legs, having been formed in the last few months. One team however, has been active for quite some time now. Their team leader stepped up to the plate Saturday to assist staff and fellows with our training modules for the first time.

Kathy S. has been a team leader with OFA for just two months, but has been a volunteer and team member for years. On Saturday she took our newer team leaders through the process of building and expanding their teams and executing team events. You would not have been able to guess this was her first time training grass roots volunteers. Kathy was able to pass on lessons she has learned in her time as an OFA team member to our new leaders, hopefully flattening out their learning curve and leading to more effective teams in Arizona in 2012.

Asked what the most important advice she could give these new team members, Kathy focused on urgency. "Trying to get people active now is the hardest thing. Everyone wants to put it off because it's still 2011. Be ready to tell people why we can't wait and why the time is now."

The work of team leaders like Kathy S. and all the others out there with her drive, commitment and enthusiasm are the foundation this campaign has been built on. It is a solid foundation; one that will ultimately lead to 270 electoral votes, victory next November for the American people, and a second term for President Obama.

Want to play a part in turning Arizona blue in 2012? Become an Obama Organizing Fellow like Tyler.

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