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Wash U volunteers help a fellow student register during one of the fall voter registration events.

Washington University in St. Louis is an institution with long-standing involvement with presidential elections, hosting debates in 1992, 2000, and 2004, and a Vice Presidential debate in 2008. Yet at times it feels as if the political flame has died around campus. Students are so wrapped up in academics and extracurriculars within the "Wash U bubble" that it becomes hard to stay active and informed. But with a little encouragement and the benefit of convenience, Wash U students will show off their strong political convictions and exceed all expectations.

What began as routine became unequivocally inspiring as our team (with generous help from Dan, Alex, and Martin) managed to register one hundred new voters in only two days. That's one hundred more voices to be heard, one hundred passionate young people who believe in the incredible value, both symbolic and applied, that a single vote holds. One new voter, Isabel, could hardly contain herself as she registered--"I can't believe it. I've waited so long to be able to do this but I've been so busy it didn't even occur to me!" She went on to explain how with her busy pre-med schedule, she struggles to read the newspaper every morning--a tradition she's held throughout high school. Sometimes, all people need is a little push.

Register to vote!

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