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Something Lovely

Thousands of people so far have made their first donations to the 2012 campaign through our grassroots donor-matching drive, which ends today. As they did, they used our tool to send a note to the person matching their donation.

A physician in Massachusetts offered to match someone's first donation, writing:

"I am a primary care doc. I see the impact that health reform can and will have every day. Join me in supporting President Obama's re-election campaign. We need to make good on our promise to those who need our health care system the most right now, and the rest of us who will someday need it to be affordable and accessible when we will need it the most."

A teacher in Colorado made her first donation, writing back:

"So glad to see a health care professional speaking up for health care reform! Thanks for the match!"

These individual connections make it perfectly clear how we plan to grow this grassroots campaign: one supporter at a time.

Want to be able to say you're a part of it? This donor-matching drive ends at midnight tonight, but you still have a few hours to make a connection with someone and double your impact for the campaign by matching another supporter's $5 donation today.

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Julianna Smoot, deputy campaign manager