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Small Business Roundtable: Building from the Inside Out

isadore hall

As part of Organizing For America – California’s “Betting on California” tour, State Assemblymember Isadore Hall met with local small business owners at the Crenshaw office in South Los Angeles. Assemblymember Hall supports President Obama because he knows that Southern California’s local economy depends on the success of small businesses.

“We need to build from the inside out. Small businesses create two out of every three jobs, and help spur development. President Obama has enacted tax cuts for small businesses 18 times, in addition to providing an additional 200 billion dollars in tax relief and incentives. In contrast to the President, Mitt Romney and Republicans are using a flawed definition for small business owners, and including millionaires and billionaires.”

Engaging in a lively roundtable discussion, the small business owners shared stories of how their businesses have developed and grown during President Obama’s first term. Guillermo Garcia, a local small business owner explained how the President’s policies have helped his company grow and prosper throughout the last few years.

“Although the recession was tough, the combined effect of lower tax rates and the ability to write-off new equipment purchases has allowed my business to succeed. With increased growth, I have been able to provide more for my employees, with better healthcare and higher wages.”

As the event closed, Tom, another small business owner, fired up the crowd and declared: “While we all have individual issues and concerns, we all have one common mission as small business owners: we need to get President Obama re-elected.”

Join these small business owners and stand with President Obama today.

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