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Small Business - Big Commitment

When I put the word out to Albuquerque area OFA volunteers and supporters that I needed a few hours a week of administrative help, I never envisioned that a small business owner, now the sole breadwinner with her husband’s lay-off, would show up at my door. But that’s what happened with Katy F.


Katy owns a small antique shop, which before last year, she said, “gave us our fun money, our vacation money. With my husband’s layoff, now it’s grocery money.” What I found so inspiring about Katy’s story was the fact that although she owns her own small business, and spends most of her time figuring out how to find more objects to sell, in what locations, at what price point, she still thought it was important enough to volunteer to help re-elect President Obama.

“I don’t follow the news every minute,” she told me. “But what I know in my heart is that President Obama has the character and integrity to make the right decisions.”

As we talked about OFA NM, about our volunteers, about NM’s importance to the President’s Re-Election, I could feel Katy become even more resolved. “My husband asked me why, with so much going on, I wanted to volunteer my time,” she said. “Before his layoff, I always had compassion for those who were struggling. I just never believed I would ever be in the same situation. But here we are. If I can spend a few hours a week helping and supporting those working hard every day for people like me, that’s what I’m going to do.”IMG_5768

For information on volunteering in any capacity with OFA NM, please email us at [email protected] or follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Want to share your story with OFA?

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