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Sioux Falls Takes Action One Year Before Election Day

OFA volunteers got together in Sioux Falls to learn about the American Jobs Act and reach out to other supporters in their community. With the 2012 election just a year away, they discussed what President Obama is doing on his own to help jumpstart the economy.

The American Jobs Act would mean an average tax cut of $1,430 for a typical household in South Dakota – nearly $120 a month that could be spent on American goods and services, propping up small businesses across the state. Furthermore, the payroll tax paid by small businesses would be cut in half to 3.1%, which would benefit 20,000 firms in South Dakota alone. Finally, the plan is fully paid for, but Republicans in the Senate are blocking this legislation in order to protect millionaires and billionaires from being asked to pay a dime more.

As we’ve seen, we can’t count on the media to share this information with our neighbors. That’s why it’s so important that we reach out to people in our communities – to make sure they understand the difference in priorities between President Obama’s vision and that of the Republican party. While South Dakotan’s can’t wait for Sen. Thune and his Republican colleagues in the Senate to act on jobs, we can’t wait to get organized and get the message out to fellow South Dakotans. That’s why we need you. Sign up to volunteer and join us.
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