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Sioux Falls Grassroots Planning Session


I had the opportunity to attend a Grassroots Planning Session to re-elect President Obama in 2012 in Sioux Falls this evening. The purpose of this meeting was to brainstorm and plan ways to recruit volunteers to reach out to the community and gain votes for the President’s re-election in 2012. There were roughly 25 people in attendance including OFA South Dakota State Director Ned Horsted, State Representative Marc Feinstein as well as local business owners, precinct members, and middle class, hard working Americans who believe in President Obama’s goals, ideals and hope for change for our country as ONE people.

The goal of this planning session (appropriately named GPS) was to state where we want to go with this campaign as well as create plans for how to get there. As community members, we discussed how to get more people to lend their support to the campaign, as well as urge a new group of people to vote. We also discussed demographics, determined available resources,and developed new ideas on how to reach the people and give them the facts on the President’s plan to move our country forward.

I believe that with the combination of Ned Horsted’s leadership, community support and making factual information available to South Dakotans, we have a great game plan for 2012. One of the attendees offered a very fitting point that the way to fight Republican messages is with factual information, and that is what we intend to do.

Overall it was a very informative, motivating meeting with the same goal in mind – move this country forward by re-electing President Obama in 2012. We need volunteers and interns to aid in this challenge, but we are the people and with Obama as our leader we will be one people, The United States of America.

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