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Sign this petition for a higher minimum wage

When it comes to the minimum wage, we're not just talking facts and figures—we're talking real people. Right now, a full-time worker making the federal minimum wage—$7.25 an hour—earns just $14,500 in a year. That's below the poverty line for a family of four.

That's just not right—and OFA supporters are doing something about it. We're collecting signatures on a petition to raise the minimum wage—will you sign it today?

One thing Americans can agree on is that anyone who works hard should be able to have a fighting chance, but right now, it's easy to see how the cards are stacked against some of the people who are working the hardest.

Organizers know that petitions matter—they're a real way for people to stand up, get counted, and say publicly, "This needs to change." That's why we're planning to deliver these signatures directly to the lawmakers who need to know where their constituents stand—whether that's on Capitol Hill in Washington or at your local city hall.

Even though a minority of senators blocked raising the minimum wage last week, this is an issue that isn't going away. More than 28 million Americans would benefit from raising the minimum wage, and more than 70 percent of Americans agree that now's the time to do it.

We've never been the ones to back down when lawmakers are standing in the way, and we're certainly not starting now. That's why we're coming together to demand change wherever it can be won. Five states and the District of Columbia have enacted minimum wage increases this year, and dozens more are considering doing the same.

If you think raising the minimum wage is the right thing to do, make sure you sign this petition right now.

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