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She Built That: The Story of the Bakersfield Team

Sara G

When she started on the campaign in the fall of 2011, Sara G. was a team of one in Bakersfield. She began by making calls, setting up one-on-one meetings with supporters in her neighborhood, and working to build up her team. Interest was piqued, and slowly volunteers started trickling in.

Harriet was one of our first volunteers, and she was fired up to do data. Unfortunately, we didn't have any volunteers ready to phone bank, so we had no data for her to enter!

But that wasn’t the story for long. By the end of Sara’s fellowship, she’d built a team of energetic volunteers who were hosting phone banks, team meetings, and viewing parties. Next, she identified a Neighborhood Team Leader, and Bakersfield was on its way to helping secure a second term for President Obama!

After a couple of months, the team developed into a wonderful, diverse group of people. Bakersfield for Obama is a place where all are welcome. To have been even a small part of such a fantastic team, a team that works so hard, for a President that is truly changing not only our country but our world, it has been one of my proudest accomplishments.

What started out as a team of one is now a team of many, united with the same goal: to re-elect President Barack Obama. And there’s still room for more! Join Team Bakersfield or other locals teams and Get Out The Vote tomorrow!

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