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“Shared Responsibility, Shared Partnership”

0419 Virginia Town Hall

President Obama was in Virginia this morning discussing his plan to reduce the deficit in a responsible way and calling on folks in the audience—students and teachers, mostly—to join the conversation about the budget:

This is probably my most important message today: I’m going to need your help. I can’t afford to have all of you as bystanders in this debate. I want everybody to be in the game. I want you to hold me accountable. I want you to hold all of Washington accountable. There’s a way to solve this deficit problem in an intelligent way that is fair and shares sacrifices so that we can share opportunity all across America. But I can’t do that if your voices are not heard.

There are powerful voices in Washington; there are powerful lobbies and special interests in Washington. And they’re going to want to reduce the deficit on your backs. And if you are not heard, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

If you are heard, then we’re going to meet this challenge. We are going to secure our future. We’re going to make our country stronger and more prosperous than it has ever been before.

The next stop for the President will be in California tomorrow for a town hall event at Facebook HQ—you can find out more about the event and RSVP here

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