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Share Your Health Care Story


Numbers don't lie. This week, the White House released figures that showed how the Affordable Care Act has impacted every state in the country, and while some provisions won't be enacted for a few years, Coloradans are already starting to benefit.

From thousands of young adults being able to stay on their parents insurance to millions having better access to preventive medicine, here are the facts about how health care reform has helped Colorado:

1,902,000 - Coloradans who have seen caps on their lifetime care eliminated
973,000 - Coloradans whose private insurance has added coverage of preventive services without cost sharing
382,143 - Coloradans with Medicare who received free preventive services
43, 997 - Young adults who have gained health insurance through their parents

It's clear that the Affordable Care Act has not only saved money, it's saved lives.

And we want to hear from you directly about how healthcare reform has helped you, your family or someone you know. Share your story with us so that we can stand up for the progress made with this historic legislation. 

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