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Sending the message loud and clear: We need immigration reform

This is what a day of action looks like.

On the second day of Action August, members of Congress returned home from Washington to find local OFA volunteers waiting with a clear message: it's immigration reform, for our communities, our economy and our future.

These volunteers worked tirelessly, making sure their voices were heard by bringing media attention to many local grassroots events. Here are just a few examples OFA volunteers in action:

Volunteers gathered in Houston to tell Rep. Ted Poe it's time to recognize that immigration reform is good for our economy and good for our country.

OFA volunteers in Illinois were fired up in Springfield—they told Rep. Aaron Schock that America is a nation of immigrants and it’s time to fix our broken system.

Two DREAMers send a message outside Speaker Boehner’s office after a successful event in West Chester, Ohio.

OFA Director Jon Carson published a Spanish-language op-ed in Univision Noticias on Monday as well, demanding Congress take action on immigration reform.

The action on immigration reform didn't stop on Monday—all month, OFA volunteers will be keeping the pressure on and raising the profile of this important issue in their communities.

If you want to support immigration reform, or other important issues like Obamacare, climate change and gun violence prevention, find an Action August event and make your voice heard.

Take Part in Action August

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