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Your representative might need one of these postcards

Since the Senate passed comprehensive immigration reform, inaction in the House has cost our country nearly $12 billion. That's insane. Every day that House leadership stalls, it costs us another $37 million. What's worse, many observers believe that they have enough votes to pass reform today.

That's why it's absolutely critical to keep up the pressure on members of Congress who hold the key to passing immigration reform. We built a postcard tool so anyone can send a message to one of those lawmakers.

Your member of Congress needs to hear from you—send a personalized digital postcard telling them the time to act is now.

It's a quick, easy thing to do—but this is an action that counts. We know that these messages get seen by representatives and their staff. The more messages they get, the more momentum we'll build.

Anyone who's watching this issue knows that the tide is turning. Just last week, conservative activist Grover Norquist and Sal Russo, the co-founder of the Tea Party Express, came forward to say it's time for immigration reform. And the president of the U.S. Chamber of Congress had strong words for anyone who refused to take on this issue. House leaders like Majority Leader Eric Cantor have become the new face of inaction—and it looks more out of touch every day.

If we can keep pressure cranked up this high, leaders in the House won't have much choice but to act. Check out this digital postcard tool and tell your representative that we can't afford to wait any longer for comprehensive immigration reform.

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