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Senator Kirk gets an earful on Facebook

Senator Mark Kirk's "no" vote on extending unemployment insurance benefits for the long-term unemployed has affected 1.9 million people—including many of his constituents in Illinois. And they are making sure that their disappointment is being heard.

Hundreds of his constituents have posted messages on Senator Kirk's Facebook page over the past day, voicing their concern with his decision to cut off this critical economic lifeline for job seekers.

Here are some of the messages they have posted:
Many were particularly upset at Senator Kirk going back on his word—Kirk had said he would support the bill if Majority Leader Harry Reid made sure it was paid for. The bill was paid for, and Senator Kirk still voted against renewing this critical program.

There are now almost 2 million Americans who are suffering every day—but the fight is not over. Let your voice be heard—join with OFA volunteers who are pressuring Congress to extend unemployment insurance.

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