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One step closer to relief for job-seekers

December 28, 2013: That's the date that millions of job-seeking Americans had the rug pulled out from under them when Congress failed to renew extended unemployment insurance. But a bipartisan bill that just passed in the Senate could rectify that. Now it's time for the House of Representatives to act.

Over the past three months, millions of Americans have been suffering while Congress failed to act on unemployment insurance. That's why OFA volunteers have been organizing to make their voices heard on this crucial issue—and we're not done yet.

In January, OFA volunteers held a national day of action, speaking out in their communities to tell their members of Congress not to leave struggling Americans #OutInTheCold. Then supporters like Erin and Amee and Lori shared their stories, speaking up for the millions of other Americans who have been devastated by the loss of this critical lifeline.

OFA volunteers then ramped up the pressure on key targets. For example, Senator Kirk had broken an earlier promise to vote to renew UI as long as the bill was fully paid for, so OFA-Illinois volunteers passed out flyers and held rallies across the state calling him out for going back on his word. His constituents even took to Facebook to express their frustration that he was leaving Illinoisans out in the cold.

In the end, Senator Kirk and others heard the voices of their constituents, and then worked across the aisle to help craft a bipartisan compromise that would finally provide much-needed relief to families who have fallen on hard times and are trying to get back on their feet.

But we're not home yet. The fate of millions of job-seekers and their families now lies on Speaker Boehner's desk.

Republican Senator Heller may have said it best: "It is extremely disappointing that, no matter what solution is reached, there is some excuse to deny these much-needed benefits."

Today, the Senate stopped making excuses and passed a five-month extension of emergency unemployment compensation with a 59-38 bipartisan vote.Now it's up to the House to act. Following the vote, OFA supporters took to the comments section of Speaker Boehner's Facebook page to make sure he got the message.

Head on over to Speaker Boehner's Facebook wall right now and leave a message in a place we know he won't miss it—tell Speaker Boehner to pass the bipartisan bill to restore unemployment benefits.
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