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Seeds of Change: Long Island GPS

Forget the Home Run Derby and Seinfeld re-runs; ditch the Chinese food takeout. On Monday night, Long Islanders gathered for a grassroots planning session at Sonja J.’s home in Smithtown. It was a night filled with bright ideas, constructive political dialogue and togetherness. Who ever said Monday is the worst day of the week?


Community members had the opportunity to get to know one another, talking about their inspiration, hopes, thoughts, and ideas. The diversity of the group facilitated insightful discussions and an abundance of ideas about the best approach to engaging fellow Long Islanders in our campaign efforts. Many recounted their involvement in the 2010 reelection campaign of Congressman Tim Bishop (NY-1), which encompasses most of Suffolk County. In such a close race—Bishop won by a mere 263 votes—volunteers who knocked on doors, made calls and got out the vote truly saw the fruits of their labor. Such a nerve-wracking race is a demonstration of how important canvassing is and what a difference it can make on Election Day.

As volunteer Sonja said, “I want to make sure that President Obama is reelected, and I’m ready to start now.” Long Island is getting started by gathering more supporters within the community, hosting phone banks, registering voters, and training new volunteers.

Building a strong Long Island team is essential, and you will definitely want to be part of it as supporters mobilize the 2012 campaign throughout each of Long Island’s communities. A good way to start: register voters on our national day of action this Saturday. There will be many events in the area, whether at a farmers’ market or in a local village, which you can sign up for here.

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