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Seasoned Team Leader Recruits A New Team Leader


Submitted by Harriet J., Team Leader in Baton Rouge

Harriet, a seasoned Team Leader in Baton Rouge, sent us an email describing her great experience recruiting Robin, a new Team Leader.

I first met Robin through a volunteer recruitment call. Her voice was pleasant and upbeat and I could tell she was really happy that someone from the campaign had called. She shared some of her '08 campaign experiences with me and we talked for a while. The call went really well, so I asked Robin if she would like to meet with me in person to talk about how she might get involved again -- this time in the 2012 campaign.

The very next day, Robin and I met at my home in Baton Rouge. When Robin explained that she had several friends and family members who would also like to volunteer, I suggested that she might want to consider becoming a Neighborhood Team Leader. She said she would speak with her husband and call me the next day.

Sure enough, I got the call and she was 'In'! Robin attended our next scheduled Team Meeting in Baton Rouge and brought along 4 or 5 people from her newly recruited neighborhood team. The Team Meeting was so much fun! As a new Team Leader, I gave her a notebook filled with helpful information, suggested team leader and members responsibilities, and how to plan and conduct a House Meeting. Robin just started and already she is an awesome Neighborhood Team Leader!

Harriet J.

Team Leader, Baton Rouge

Do you have the fire of a team leader and would like to create your own neighborhood team? Contact us now to find out how.

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