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Ryan on why President Obama is the only choice when it comes to education

For Ryan, an aspiring teacher, President Obama is the clear choice when it comes to education. Ryan is a recent graduate of South Dakota State University and is working to become a social studies teacher. One of the reasons Ryan supports the President is his stance on capping student loan rates. Like many recent graduates, Ryan has student loans he has to pay back. He readily acknowledges that paying back these loans would be easier if he went into another field, but ever since he student taught in college, he has been determined to become a teacher.That is why he believes President Obama’s plan is great not just for students, but also for the entire field of education.

“It gives recent graduates more flexibility in their job choice.”

Unfortunately, the burden of paying back student loans has deterred recent graduates from pursuing jobs in teaching, turning their focus to higher paying professions. Thus, President Obama’s simple proposal to cap student loan rates at ten percent of their income would create an increase of dedicated teachers that can make a difference in classrooms across the country.

Ryan also supports the President because of his focus on education and vision that education is a building block for a strong economy.

“Obama is looking forward to the future. He is trying to be proactive and attack an overwhelming issue that can no longer be ignored.”

Additionally, Ryan disputes Mitt Romney’s assertion that hiring more teachers would be a bad thing.

“He’s really just too disconnected with what the problems are. He’s never put himself in a situation where there are forty five kids in classroom with a teacher who isn’t getting paid anything. Poverty is going to come from cutting more teachers because it’s an endless cycle. I think you can link the rise in poverty to the cutting of social services. Education is the most important of those services, if you can’t educate your population then you can’t expect them to make educated decisions and function well.”

This is precisely why President Obama has made education a building block to strengthen the foundations of our economy, and it is also why Ryan supports the President. Will you support teachers like Ryan, our kids, and the millions of Americans burdened by student loans by volunteering to reelect President Obama?


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