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A science fair nightmare

Organizing for Action has been leading the charge to call out the more than 100 climate change deniers in Congress. It's a movement that's gaining momentum, fueled by recent reports from the scientific community.

From drawing attention to some of the most outrageous anti-science comments from Congress members, to hand-delivering climate denier "awards" to lawmakers' offices, and hosting hundreds of rallies in their districts, OFA has kept up the pressure to accept the science on climate change so that we can make real progress on one of our country's biggest threats.

But a new video from the League of Conservation Voters, created in partnership with OFA and SHFT, delivers an uplifting message to those climate deniers: It's not too late to change.

Narrated by co-founder of SHFT, actor Adrian Grenier, the video features Jason Sherman, a fictional Congressman, climate change denier and father who is forced into any denier's worst nightmare—his daughter's science fair.

There's a fair amount of hilarity, but the point should be taken seriously. The extreme position of deniers undermines lawmakers' ability to even have a reasonable discussion. Call out climate deniers and encourage them to change their minds—just like Jason Sherman.

Call out climate deniers
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