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Women for Obama in Richland County held a 'Dials and Dessert' discussion and phone bank Thursday at the campaign’s state headquarters to share their stories and engage voters about what President Obama and his administration have done for women and their families. Over a spread of various desserts and sweets, both veteran volunteers and new ones came together to talk about the issues, make phone calls to ask for support, and brainstorm new ways to educate voters about the President’s accomplishments. Check out some great photos from the event and read what some of the participants had to say below.

120111 Women for Obama phone bank

Staff member Kayla M. shares her personal story with volunteers and invites them to share their stories before phone banking.

120111 Women for Obama phone bank2

“Excellent Women for Obama event given by OFA-SC & yes we will do it again.” --Joyce R.H., Volunteer and Woman for Obama

120111 Women for Obama phone bank_Maryann

“I think it’s important for you to stand up for what you believe in, to have that voice. And for me that voice is the ballot and being able to cast your ballot for whomever you want to vote for. I think that sends a powerful message to everyone in the state. It says, we have a voice, and we’re going to definitely make sure that it’s heard.

“We have to show up, we can’t just sit around and say oh, it’s me, it doesn’t matter if I vote or not. It does matter. Every vote matters; every vote counts. And we’re out there, and we’re working in the communities. And you’re going to see us, and you’re going to feel us.” --Maryann W., Neighborhood Team Leader and Woman for Obama

120111 Women for Obama phone bank3

“The Obama campaign is really about the grassroots organization, and I enjoy being involved because of the camaraderie and enthusiasm it creates. President Obama brings a diverse group of people together from all backgrounds and socioeconomic levels. He pulls in the little guy and supports the middle class.” --Muriel H., Volunteer and Woman for Obama

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