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Volunteers Celebrate the Holidays, Re-energize for the 2012 Campaign

12_11 Kaye_Shirley_at White House

Obama volunteers Shirley S. and Kaye M. pose for a photo outside the White House gates in Washington, D.C.

12_11 Kaye_Shirley_Simone_at White House

“I recently had the opportunity to visit the White House in Washington, D.C., and it was the most tremendous experience,” said volunteer Shirley S., who is organizing Obama supporters in the Upstate. (Left, shown here with Simone A. and Kaye M.) “I am so proud to have been on the grounds and in the home of our humble President. After touring the White House, I am even more proud of our President and more enthusiastic in working to get President Obama re-elected.”

12_11 Toy drive with Bluffton Self Help

In the Lowcountry, Obama volunteers help collect toys for needy children for the holidays.

“We have to work together as a community – one community – Americans,” said Lowcountry volunteer Jonathan R. “I will continue working as hard as I can helping my family, my friends, and my Obama team to reach our goal in 2012: re-election.”

12_11 Holiday Party_BarbaraB.

Obama volunteer Barbara B. shows off her Obama handbag at a holiday celebration with State Director Lee Goodall.

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