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Southern Regional Get Out the Vote Training

Today approximately 300 hundred volunteers from South Carolina and as far as Georgia came together for Get Out the Vote training. Training began with a message and thank you given by Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz via telephone. Volunteers were in attendance to learn about the GOTV plan to help our North Carolina neighbors ensure victory in November.

A clear plan and purpose was presented by NC State Field Director Mara Sirbu and NC Deputy GOTV Director Julian Federle. In addition South Carolina staff including State Field Director and Regional Field Directors provided detail of how to ensure supporters vote early. Rick Wade Senior Advisor to the White House stopped by to thank everyone for attending today’s training. He reiterated that together we will ensure President Obama is re-elected in November.

GOTV is about action and with that in mind the last few hours of training were used to make phone calls to North Carolina to identify supporters. To help ensure President Obama is re-elected click here to sign up for an event near you. Let’s continue to move our country forward together.

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