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South Carolina Celebrates President Obama’s Birthday

On Thursday, August 2nd, celebrations began around the state to honor the 44th President of the United States for his 51st birthday. Young Professionals gathered at OFA-SC headquarters to learn more about how to become actively engaged in President Obama’s re-election campaign. On Friday, events included an ice cream social and a phone bank to identify supporters. Saturday was the grand finale with events statewide for the President’s birthday including a fish fry and phone bank sign up for the following week. Supporters signed a birthday card as well as pledges explaining how they will help the President get re-elected in November.

Many volunteers are fired up and ready to make phone calls in South Carolina to assist our northern neighbor. If you haven’t joined the 9-3-1 program, get started today because this opportunity is over on August 18th. The program is a fun way for South Carolina supporters to earn seats at the Democratic National Convention to see President Obama accept the nomination in September. Here’s how it works:

    Volunteer for a total of nine (9) hours
    That is three (3) completed shifts
    For one (1) chance to attend the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte

By making phone calls, canvassing, and registering voters, we are making a significant impact in this campaign. Take the 9-3-1 pledge today!

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