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SC Democratic Party Chair Knocks on Doors in NC

On Saturday, August 18th South Carolina Democratic Chair Dick Harpootlian gathered together some Democratic friends and headed up to North Carolina. The mission was simple to do door to door voter registration. Harpootlian understands the importance of North Carolina during this year’s Presidential Election. He had no hesitation going to help our northern brethren to ensure that supporters of President Obama are registered to vote. Chair Harpootlian hitting the pavement reminds us that this election is too important not to get involved.

SCDP Chair Knocking on Doors in NC

He stated:

If we win North Carolina we win the election; so get off the couch and go to North Carolina and win this election. I have never felt so good as I did after persuading people I met at their front doors to vote for the President.
Dick and SC Crew
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