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Neighborhood Team Convention - Charleston, SC

On Saturday, July 28th, Obama for America volunteers from across the state gathered in Charleston, SC. Even the possibility of thunderstorms could not keep them away from the Neighborhood Team Leader and Core Team Members Convention. It was a time to become re-energized and prepare for the upcoming election that at the time was just 101 days away. Led by State Field Director Alex Papadopolos and State Regional Directors, volunteer leaders and core team members were provided information on being effective in all aspects of the campaign. Focus during the training was on phonebanking with an emphasis on the importance of data training.

NTC 072812 Sign-in

I thoroughly enjoyed the training; it was a well organized day that ran efficiently and on time. The various breakout sessions and personal stories helped to unite us for the purpose of campaigning to get President Obama re-elected. Obama for America has evolved for 2012 and we are still growing. – Nancy G, Upstate Neighborhood Team Leader
What I enjoyed about the training was learning how our goals are created and the camaraderie of the team members. The atmosphere was charged with fellowship, food, music and inspiring personal stories. It was nice to meet faces from across the state sharing a common goal to re-elect President Obama. – Debra B, Midlands Neighborhood Team Leader

NTC 072812 Group

Neighborhood Team Leaders are now focused more than ever to build their teams and set up 9-3-1 phonebanks that will provide those that participate a once in a lifetime opportunity to see President Obama deliver his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention. Join Neighborhood teams and make new friends at a 9-3-1 event near you!

NTC 072812 Breakout Session

NTC 072812 Attendees

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