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Women gathered at house parties and events across the country Wednesday to hear a special message from First Lady Michelle Obama about our shared work for progress. Women have been at the heart of the Obama campaign since the beginning in 2008 -- helping plan how to connect with voters across the country and building relationships that have grown our grassroots organization. At our headquarters in Columbia Wednesday evening, nearly a hundred women came out to make phone calls to supporters and hear what the First Lady had to say. Meanwhile, women from Charleston to Greenville came together to discuss how the President’s policies have improved their lives and how they plan to help ensure his re-election in November.

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“The conference call with Michelle Obama was motivating. She really got me energized and ready to work hard to get our president re-elected,” said first-time visitor Angela J. “I look forward to volunteering with Women for Obama.”

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“It felt wonderful to be in the company of all those beautiful women and girls who are committed to the re-election of President Obama,” said Shirley G., who attended our Columbia headquarters event. “I wasn't sure about making phone calls, but my spirits soared when I reached people – strangers to me – who said, ‘yes, I'll volunteer and I'll bring some other people with me.’ What I experienced Wednesday evening deepened my conviction that we can do this, again! It was great!”

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We hope you will get involved with the campaign's work for women, contribute your ideas, and help tell the story of how women are shaping this movement. Learn more at If you missed Wednesday’s events, stay tuned to us on Twitter @OFA_SC and on Facebook at Obama for America – South Carolina for information on upcoming opportunities to get involved.

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