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This weekend, volunteers and supporters across South Carolina and the country will be connecting with voters and engaging their neighbors and friends about the clear choice in this election as part of a National Weekend of Action to mark one year out until the 2012 presidential elections.

Volunteers in Rock Hill and Columbia met this past week to discuss their organizing efforts and plan for National Weekend of Action events. In Rock Hill, Neighborhood Team Members from York and Lancaster counties shared organizing best practices and discussed the activities they’re planning, including phone banks and door-to-door canvasses that will help them identify supporters, build the organization, and talk about President Obama’s support for middle class Americans.

In north Richland County, Neighborhood Team Leader Veronica A. hosted a house meeting with several of her fellow team leaders and neighbors interested in being a part of President Obama's grassroots re-election campaign. Attendees learned about the team’s organizing strategy and how they can help increase participation in their communities. Planning and executing her first house meeting allowed Veronica to further her team-building skills, recruit potential Core Team Members and develop a one-year-out event.

Veronica was recruited as a Neighborhood Team Leader prospect by northeast Richland Team Leader Maryann W. Maryann gave Veronica the guidance and support she needed to host her first house meeting and begin building her Neighborhood Team. Working diligently and strategically to expand our presence in local communities across South Carolina by recruiting volunteer leaders and equipping them with the tools they need to be successful organizers, Maryann exemplifies our campaign’s guiding principles: respect, empower and include.

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