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Black History Month is off to a great start with events like King Day at the Dome, the 7th Annual Ethnic History Parade and Gospel Soiree, and the 10th Annual Family Unity Festival. From Columbia to Easley, Obama supporters are turning out at events across the state to celebrate our nation’s great diversity and grow the network of Obama supporters throughout South Carolina.

Ethnic Parade 2012 005 Ethnic Parade 2012 009 021012 Unity Festival Ethnic Parade 2012 010

President Obama is focused on creating jobs and restoring economic security for African Americans and all Americans. He understands that the African American community has been hurt by a decade of declining wages and unemployment and he’s fought for policies that give everyone a fair shot and the opportunity to succeed.

Ethnic Parade 2012 017 Ethnic Parade 2012 036

To mark Black History Month, the Obama campaign launched African Americans for Obama on Feb. 1. Learn more about all that President Obama and his administration have accomplished on behalf of the African American community at

Join African Americans for Obama today!

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