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Home from Iraq, David T. Works to Re-elect President Obama


David T., a junior at Benedict College, is one of many young Americans who was ignited with enthusiasm by then Senator Obama's 2008 campaign for president. As a recent high school graduate that year, David was preparing to vote in his first election and wanted to join his peers, who were pounding the pavement in their communities to ensure a victory for Barack Obama. Unfortunately at the time, David was stationed in Iraq.

He deployed with the 846th transportation company, a unit of the Army Reserves, in 2008 and was stationed at a military installation in Kuwait that ran support missions throughout Iraq.

“I was proud to serve my country, that was the reason I joined the military, and it was one of my finest moments in life,” David said of his experience. “But in saying this, I am extremely excited that our troops overseas are finally coming home. It has been a long and trying conflict, and speaking from experience, tough on our soldiers and their families. I know many are happy it is over, and they can return home to their families like I was happy to return to mine. I wish every soldier a safe and happy return home.”

Now a student at Benedict College in Columbia, David has eagerly joined President Obama’s 2012 campaign for president and is working diligently to help more young people like him realize the clear choice in this election. David is working with students on Benedict's campus to identify fellow supporters and organize their efforts both at the college and in the surrounding community.

Students like David have played a major role in helping the campaign reaching its one millionth conversation mark, and he has said that he looks forward to helping the campaign reach its second millionth conversation by recruiting and engaging more young people across the state.

“As a political science major, I keep a close eye on politics, and I feel it is important for youth like me to vote and take a stand for their future,” David said. “I am honored to help the campaign share with other students and young Americans like me that we have to vote, but we really need to get involved and volunteer.”

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