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Happy Supporters Pick Up Credentials

This weekend the Obama for America – South Carolina staff distributed thousands of credentials for admittance to the Bank of America Stadium; to hear President Obama on September 6th, accept the nomination of the Democratic Party. State staff is small in size but a significant number of volunteers answered the call to help with distribution and registration.

On Saturday in anticipation of long lines supporter Harold M. of Newberry, SC awoke at 5:00am to ensure first position in line at 6:45am; he maintained a positive attitude awaiting doors to open at 10:00am. Having been a volunteer and supporting since 2008, he was excited to receive his credential.

I worked hard in 2008 to help President Obama get elected and I volunteered this year too. I am proud to have an African American President. – Harold M. of Newberry, SC
First Supporter in Line
Supporter Registering Credentials
Happy Supporter with Credential

Many supporters stood in line at the three distribution locations as long as they did to vote for President Obama in 2008; and like Harold a Vietnam Veteran didn’t want to miss seeing history. Acting State Director and State Field Director Alex Papadopoulos and his staff would like to thank all who waited patiently and came to pick up their credentials. Remember credentials picked up this past weekend must be registered by August 29th, click here to register.

Credentials Being Picked Up

And even though the opportunity to receive a credential has passed there is still time to plan to host a watch party for September 6th with family and friends. Click here to sign up today to host a watch party. Stay informed and follow us on Facebook and Twitter @ofa_sc and check the blog regularly for new post. Together we can continue to move forward.

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