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Greater Together - Young Americans for Obama: Jonathon's Story

Last night, Obama for America Campaign Manager Jim Messina, Democratic strategist Melody Barnes, and Mayor Michael Nutter launched Obama for America’s “Greater Together: Youth Summit” at the University of Pennsylvania. It was the first in a series of summits that allow students a platform to hear directly from senior campaign officials and leaders. The summits feature a live twitter feed so the campaign can take questions and get feedback from students across the country. Here in South Carolina, we're working with schools like the College of Charleston, Furman University, the University of South Carolina, South Carolina State, Allen University and Columbia College to engage and mobilize young people in the state.

Young Americans like 22-year-old Jonathon S., a campaign volunteer in Greenville, S.C., are key to middle class security and will play a vital role in our ability to out-educate and out-innovate the rest of the world. To mark the kickoff of the Greater Together initiative, read Jonathon’s story below and find out why young Americans like him support President Obama.


By Jonathon S.

"As a recent college graduate that has returned to the "nest," I am a staunch supporter of President Barack Obama and his agenda. I believe that right now, he is the best person for the job to take this country forward. I truly believe he is a man of the people, and one of the great examples of this is his push to reform the healthcare system in our country. He realizes that having affordable healthcare coverage is of the utmost importance.

President Obama's policies always seem to have a way of affecting the average citizen. I was positively impacted by the President’s Affordable Care Act. Upon graduation in May from Elon University, I moved back into my mother's home and began searching for professional work. As we all know, the job market has been the toughest that my generation has ever seen. Because of that, people who are unemployed and underemployed face great challenges in finding affordable healthcare for their families. With the Affordable Care Act, I am so happy to know that now I am able to maintain coverage under my mother's healthcare plan until the age of 26, should I need to.

While I plan to gain employment that will provide me with my own healthcare coverage soon, it is reassuring to know that if I need it before then, I am covered. I do not take the importance of this legislation lightly, as all citizens deserve affordable healthcare coverage and now it is a reality. That is one reason why I support President Barack Obama and his re-election is so important to me."

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