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As 2012 begins, a renewed energy and vigor around President Obama’s campaign in South Carolina is building. The Republicans are holding their presidential primary on January 21st, but amid the speculation over who the Republican candidate will be, the entire Obama team is working to mobilize supporters and grow our massive volunteer infrastructure.

Volunteers are fired up and ready to go all across the Palmetto State. Teams include veteran volunteers from 2008 as well as new volunteers who are eager to protect the progress we’ve made thanks to President Obama. Using the organizing tools that led Obama to a landslide victory in the 2008 South Carolina primary and changed the course of the election in 2008, volunteers are building on the campaign’s strong foundation and the enthusiasm we saw last week in Iowa for the President’s re-election. From the Piedmont area to the scenic Lowcountry, neighborhood teams are using the training they’ve received to connect with their unique communities and empower voters.

010712 Week of Action planning

The effectiveness of the campaign’s efforts in South Carolina is contingent upon the power of community – volunteers having meaningful conversations with their family, friends, neighbors, social groups and religious networks about the clear differences between President Obama and the Republican candidates in the 2012 election.

Leading up to the primary, we will hold a week of action. Each day will bring a new discussion of the President's accomplishments and our efforts to expand the unrivaled organization we’ve built over the past year. There will be two organizational building events on primary day, January 21st, so stay tuned for additional details. With your help, and a diligent and singular focus between now and Election Day, we will work toward victory.

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