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Last week, we got a look at January’s jobs numbers, and they show President Obama is leading a steady, consistent recovery for the middle class. America’s businesses have now added jobs for 23 straight months, with the private sector adding 3.7 million jobs, and the unemployment rate is now at its lowest level in three years.

To highlight this growth here in South Carolina, Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin, State Rep. James Smith and Columbia City Councilwoman Tameika Isaac Devine held a press conference last Friday at the corner of Main Street and Gervais Street in downtown Columbia. Displaying the chart below, they explained how President Obama has laid a foundation for a stronger economy – both here in South Carolina and across the country.

"From day one, the President took swift action to address the immediate jobs crisis,” Mayor Benjamin said at the press conference. “He stopped the bleeding and invested in America. He saved the American auto industry. And he cut taxes for every working family and for small businesses, which create the vast majority of new jobs in this country.

“You can see what happened next,” he said, pointing to the chart, which illustrates the massive job loss that threatened the economy as President Obama took office, and how the private sector reversed its free-fall and begun creating jobs under his leadership. “It’s about the new spirit of optimism you feel right here on Main Street where the storefronts are lighting up with new businesses and the sidewalks crowd with eager shoppers and diners like never before.”

020312 Jobs Presser

“This is a make-or-break moment for the middle class, and we’ve got a lot more to do if we’re going to continue the trend you see here,” said State Rep. Smith.

"Romney and the Republicans don’t even admit that this reversal and recovery is happening. But these numbers don’t lie. We were going down, now we’re going up. We were bleeding jobs, now we’re creating them. Our economy was collapsing, now it’s recovering.

“We have much more work to do, but as this chart undeniably shows, we’re moving in the right direction.”

To see an interactive version of the jobs chart and learn more about the President’s job creation record, visit

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