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Sarah volunteers because the President stands with students

Sarah and her sister recently had the unforgettable experience of seeing President Obama in New Hampshire. As a Massachusetts Fall Organizing Fellow, Sarah has been motivating other college students to volunteer and bringing teams up to New Hampshire on the weekends. Here's how she felt about seeing the President in person:

"I was able to meet President Obama and shake his hand at a campaign rally with my sister. It was an incredible experience that I will never forget. In his speech, he said that he is only where he is today because of the chance an education gave him.

As a student myself, these words resonated with me, and made it even clearer that the President needs us to continue to give him the chance to fight on behalf of students like me and all citizens of our great nation.

President Obama said, 'If you’ll stand with me, and work with me, and knock on some doors for me, make some phone calls with me...we’ll win this election.'

These words inspired me to keep up the work and make these last days before the election count! The President put it best when he said, 'Let's finish what we started!' "

Let's do this. Help us get out the vote in New Hampshire, and volunteer!


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