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Sandwiches and Sandbags in Iowa

This summer, I saw a great example of the strength of this movement in Iowa: the connection our volunteers and staff have to their friends and neighbors.

Back in July, Council Bluffs was hit by some severe flooding. The people of Western Iowa had more immediate concerns than sitting down at a campaign phone bank. They were clearing out the flood damage from their basements, supporting friends and family who had been badly affected, and trying to protect their town from the rising waters.

So our enterprising summer organizer, Laura, held a “sandwiches and sandbags” Day of Action—bringing the local campaign team together to help fill sandbags to hold back the floodwaters and make sandwiches for those filling sandbags in the midday sun.

And that’s exactly the sort of thing we should be doing as an organization—lending a hand to our communities when they need it.

This summer has been exciting, challenging, hard work, and I can’t wait for what’s to come. The teams we’re building now are going to be key to making sure that our message is heard by voters and that their voices continue to be heard in Washington.

As we continue growing this organization neighbor by neighbor, we need people like you to be part of it. Sign up to volunteer here.

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Kevin Geiken, Iowa Field Director