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Story #34: Samantha's career goals are no longer defined by a 'pre-existing condition'


With 34 days to go before election day, we bring you Story 34 in our 50 Stories You Have to Hear Before you Vote series. Meet Samantha, a volunteer from here in Manchester.

For years, Sam's wanted to go into business for herself, but couldn't. The reason? As a self-employed person, she couldn't get health insurance due a pre-existing condition. Well, Obamacare fixed that. Here's her story:

“I’m an aspiring photographer, and it’s been my dream for a long time to set up my own photography business. Finding affordable health coverage when you are self employed with a pre-existing health condition isn't easy. I was priced out by so many insurance companies and it became clear that I just wouldn't be able to cover myself.

"It's thanks to President Obama and the Affordable Care Act that I will soon be able to pursue my dream and do what I love; what I feel like I'm meant to do. Knowing that Mitt Romney could be the barrier to this by repealing the ACA terrifies me. I don’t want health insurance to be the reason that I can't achieve my career goals, but that will be the reality if Romney wins in November.”

“I would never cast my ballot any other way than for President Obama, but I recently started to feel like my vote wasn’t quite enough. This election is too important for me to sit on the side lines and let it pass me by. Volunteering last week was great, it’s easy when you have so much at stake in your own life, to talk to people about how their choice on November 6th will impact others. With 34 days to go, I’ll definitely be back on the phones and out knocking on doors to make sure I secure the future I want for myself. You should join me.”

Join Sam and other volunteers who have stepped up to re-elect President Obama this fall. This is what it means–being able to pursue your own career on your own terms–without regard to what an insurance company thinks about it.

Make the next 34 days count.

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