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Ryan: “The President is fighting for you”

“When I saw the enormous flood of money Mitt Romney was getting from special interests and billionaire donors, I knew I had to help President Obama, because he’s different. His support comes from the people, because he fights for the people.

“My state of Michigan owes him the biggest debt of gratitude after he showed the courage to rescue the auto industry. He made the best of an awful situation and now, thanks to him we’re on the right track moving forward.

“At the end of the day, you need to contribute to the person who works for you. The President is fighting for you. He has a proven record of helping the middle class. He’s your ally in Washington, D.C. Mitt Romney is the farthest thing from that, but he’ll spend every last penny he gets from special interests and billionaires to pretend that he is. We know better in Michigan. That’s why we have to help the President get a second term. That’s why I give.”

—Ryan, Michigan

2.4 million people have donated to this campaign. Join them.

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