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Ryan: “Made in America is coming back”

“I’ve been a supporter of President Obama since 2008. I got chills watching his inauguration and I think he’s done a fantastic job.

“I’m a recent college graduate working in supply chain—I graduated in 2009 and I had a pretty bad first job, but the job market has really opened up for me since President Obama came into office. Things have been getting better every day.

“We’ve had 29 straight months of job growth and I don’t want to see Mitt Romney undo all of that good work. When President Obama’s Recovery Act took place, that’s when our economy started improving.

“His work on the rescue of the auto industry helped a ton of my friends in Michigan. A lot of them have good jobs now as a result. I also really believe in Obamacare. Anytime you can get 30 million more people health insurance, that’s great for this country. He’s a strong leader who makes good decisions on foreign affairs. I support his stance on gay marriage. There are so many reasons why President Obama has my vote.

“Both of my parents are big supporters of the President as well. My mom is in the health care field, so it means a lot to me that President Obama stands up for women’s rights, particularly when it comes to their health. My dad worked in a union as a construction worker, building roads and freeways. I know that President Obama believes in workers’ rights, and that’s important to me because of my dad’s story.

“I’ll be giving more before the election starts and I would definitely encourage other people to donate as well. I had never donated to anything before, but I realized that I could pitch in here. When I believe in a cause and I support the guy working for that cause, I’ll always have his back.

“I’ve seen the benefits of Obama’s policies. It’s affected me greatly. My success is a direct result of President Obama’s emphasis on the manufacturing industry. My sector has seen the benefits of his policies, and as a result, we’re coming back. Made in America is coming back.”

—Ryan, Ohio

Ryan is one of 2.7 million people who have already stepped up and donated to this campaign. Join them and give today.

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