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16 things we learned at RootsCamp 2013

Organizing for Action staff and volunteers recently attended Rootscamp 2013 in Washington, D.C., a two-day "unconference" of progressive organizers from across the nation. We couldn't possibly list everything we learned, but here's a taste of what some OFA staff brought home.

1. "RootsCamp is an amazing opportunity to learn and grow from other progressive leaders." —Sarah Hummell

2. "I learned that Upworthy requires each writer to submit 25 headlines with each article they write." —Melissa McNeal

3. "There's more to Title IX than making sure sports funding is equal between the sexes. The session on "Know Your IX" showed that it could be a powerful tool to hold colleges responsible for sexual assaults." —Jennifer Warner

4. "In order to have the type of progressive world that I want to be a part of, I need to find my own voice and speak up while helping to grow the number of organizers across the country through our work." —Victoria Kirby

5. "OFA can be a leader in the progressive movement. Our sessions were popular, well-attended, and sparked great discussions. It was fantastic to be able to interact with partner organizations as true partners." —Pete Whinn

6. "It was great to tell the OFA story to the broader progressive movement. I feel that the movement is starting to better understand what OFA brings to the table and OFA is finding opportunities to collaborate more broadly." —Nick Catalano

7. "I've been going to Rootscamp since 2008 and I'm constantly impressed with the continued growth in quality of presentations and presenters." —Brad Schenck

8. "Even when women are doing amazing work, they tend to downplay their role. As organizers, we need to be cognizant of that when making our asks." —Kaili Lambe

9. "Always be ready for anything." —Beth Kelly

10. "We learned the best way to make the most out of the unconference model was to split up to soak up what we could from other amazing change-makers around the country, so that we could bring those relationships, ideas, and training back to Tennessee. My favorite though was seeing a few of our own volunteers stepping up and leading parts of sessions." —Justin Wilkins

11. "I learned about diversifying our movement and closing the pay gap for women and minorities." —Brandyn Keating

12. "Many of the best organizers got their start as OFA fellows." —Jon Carson. Watch his remarks to RootsCamp, captured by We Act Radio.

13. "I learned that hundreds of cities across the country have already voted on resolutions against the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, and there is a campaign to add hundreds more." —Pedro Morillas

14. "I learned that we have a great world of progressive organizers out there in the digital space who are pushing the limits in what we can do every day. The amount of testing, tweaking, and learning folks are doing is really impressive." —Caitlin Mitchell

15. "I loved the passion of progressive organizers at RootsCamp. I felt like the people in those sessions were the ones out making change happen, and it was great to be able to engage them in conversations and learn from each other." —Caleb Gardner

16. "Organizing builds lifelong friendships." —Sara El-Amine

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