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"Romney Economics would have let Detroit go bankrupt."

“Romney Economics would have let Detroit go bankrupt.”

Susan of Beverly Hills had a successful career for many years as an instructional designer and writer working on contract for two automakers. Working 30 hours a week, she made great money but could still be there when her three kids got home from school.

“When tough times hit the auto industry, that all changed. Huge projects I thought would last a couple of years ended almost immediately. I went from being as busy as I wanted to be to having no work.”

The next couple of years were hard on Susan and her husband, who works for an automaker.

“I took teaching jobs at night to make ends meet – which resulted in less time to spend with my children. I felt like I couldn’t be a good mom or a good employee.”

That changed this past year, when she started getting calls from her clients again.

“If the automotive industry is starting to put money into training again, it tells me they’re feeling better about where they are, too. President Obama’s decision to restructure the auto industry is working.”

Susan and her husband no longer live in fear of losing their jobs – or not being able to be there for their children. Fight back against Romney’s vision of an America that would have “let Detroit go bankrupt” – and sign up to volunteer today.

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