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Roll Call: These House members need to lead on immigration reform

These members of Congress can either stand with the American people or stand in the way. And let’s be clear: There is no gray area. The House's inaction is hurting American families and costing our economy millions every day.

Last week OFA announced the first names from our list of House members who are key to passing comprehensive immigration reform. Today, we're announcing the next five:

Three of these representatives—Reps. Joe Heck, Daniel Webster, and Trent Franks—have expressed support for reform. We need them to tell House leadership to hold a vote.

Others like Reps. Dan Lipinski and Mark Amodei have yet to come out in favor of immigration reform, even though their constituents back home support it. All five of these representatives have the opportunity to create jobs, reduce the deficit, strengthen the middle class, and reaffirm the American Dream. All the House of Representatives has to do is vote. It's time these representatives do the right thing.

OFA will be on the ground in grassroots communities across America making sure they do. Join us in this fight. Demand that these members of Congress take action to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

Join the Fight
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