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Roger: “I’m truly proud of our president”

“I’ve always voted as an independent, but as a youngster I really bought the Republican Party line. I tend to be fairly conservative leaning, and you probably hear this all the time, but George W. Bush ruined it for me. That’s why I was so excited by Obama in 2008. On a strictly personal level, I just love President Obama. He’s as fine as they come. These days, any fancy that I ever had for the Republican Party is gone.

“Mitt Romney is a respectable man, but 90% of what Romney says is for political posturing—it’s hard to trust a man like that. If he wins, my wife says she’ll leave the country! I don’t want to be leaving the country—that’s why I’m doing what I can to help President Obama get re-elected.

“I attended a neighborhood meeting for the Obama campaign at a neighbor’s house recently. Then there was a pretty big gathering of several hundred people at a theater to rally in support of the President—I enjoyed that. I’ve also been to the campaign headquarters in town a few times to talk about the process of registering voters and the importance of that, and encouraging early voting and voting by mail. I’ll also donate because it’s a cause I really believe in. My wife and I donated some money to the campaign through mail and we’re sure to do it again. On Election Day, I’ll be making myself and my van available to anyone who needs it to get to the polls. So look out for me driving around!

“This President is doing some great things. I’m a practicing oral surgeon and the federal government is giving grants to the state of Florida, and they’re helping people who need some assistance to get the care they need. So Obamacare has been good business for me. On top of that, my daughter, Adlai, got a check back from her insurance company for about $100 recently—that meant a lot. President Obama's policy is better for everyone in the long run. You know, serious illness or injury can really ruin a family financially and that’s abhorrent. I spent four days in the hospital about five years ago and I can’t imagine how expensive it would have been if I hadn’t had insurance at the time.

“Another thing I really enjoy is the opinion that people around the world have of our country. I traveled a bit recently and I really noticed a difference—there’s a whole new level or respect and admiration. I’m truly proud of our president.”

—Roger from Sarasota, Florida

Roger has stepped up for this campaign in a big way. Will you join him and make a contribution?

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