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Robert: When it comes to supporting women, my daughters

The Byers Family
Rayssa, Amy, Casey and Robert

After the news got out that First Lady Michelle Obama would be coming to Leesburg, Virginia, supporters lined up bright and early earlier this weekend to get their tickets. Among the crowd was the Byers Family from Aldie in Loudoun County. We spoke to Mr. Roberts about why it’s so important for him to bring the whole family to see Mrs. Obama.

“I have two daughters and I want them to be able to make decisions for themselves. There is no place for a politician to tell a woman what they should do with their bodies. It’s a personal decision, a private decision and government has no place in that. When it comes to supporting women, my daughters, President Obama is the right guy.

“This is the first election where my girls will actually have some idea of what is going on right now and I want them to be able look back and say they saw the First Lady.”

On what he and his wife will do to support the President, Robert said he’ll vote—and vote early:

“If you don’t exercise your voice in the election, you have no room to complain. It’s your civic duty to make sure our elected officials represent the best interests of the people, and you can’t do that you do that if you don’t vote.

“On November 6th, I know that I’ll not be able to make it out to the polls, so I’m going to vote absentee. I’d rather take care of it today than scramble at the last minute and risk not having my ballot counted.”

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