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Riding Her Support all the Way to 2012

By Pam Coleman, State Field Director

Super is how to describe Lisa L. of Santa Fe: SuperVol, Super Supporter, Super Photographer. Over the past four decades her still, movie and video images have chronicled the social and cultural changes in America, from her film documentary of the '60s, to her contemporary still photographs of the indigenous people of North, South, and Central America.

Lisa lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico in an adobe house surrounded by a vegetable garden, fruit trees, a tipi, and her hippie bus “Silver.” In addition to supporting the President, she spends her time working with her photographs, and visiting with her four grandchildren.

In 2008 Lisa volunteered to be the photographer for Barack Obama in Northern New Mexico because she wanted to inspire people to vote for him. She documented most of the Democratic Party events, volunteers at the Obama headquarters, parades, canvassers, debates, rallies and all of Mr. Obama's visits as well as those of Hillary Clinton, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and Max and Ted Kennedy. These images were used on the campaign web site. She decorated Santa Fe headquarters with large photos of the campaign and Mr. Obama, and made posters that were given out to all the canvassers for their hard work.

Lisa L. in front of her 2008 Obama-Mobile

What she is most proud of is having decorated her GMC Envoy with over 250 bumper stickers promoting: Mr. Obama's campaign, peace, awareness, and progressive thinking. In the last three months of the campaign, Lisa had the car filled with lawn signs, bumper stickers, buttons, information packets and stickers. When she parked on the street she would open her trunk and scores of people would flock to her car asking questions and wanting stickers and signs.

"I was blown away with how many people who had come to the state to help get the vote out and how friendly and supportive they were. It was like being in the Sixties all over again!" When Obama won and Joan Baez sang 'We shall overcome' at the inauguration, we were all crying and laughing at the same time. It was a day I shall never forget."

"President Barack Obama has inspired me more than any president since Kennedy. I just started covering my car again with 2012 bumper stickers and I have plan for it to be totally covered again by the time the election rolls around. I feel there is only one choice for me in 2012. Obama has brought hope and inspiration to the White House and an intelligence we have not had the opportunity to enjoy in a long time. I am looking forward to people coming together again during the campaign so we can insure that Obama leads our country for a second term. We must give him the opportunity to finish all the projects and promises he made to us! Go Obama!"

For information on volunteering with OFA in Santa Fe, or anywhere else in NM, please email: [email protected] Follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well.

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