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Rewarding Hard Work on Both Sides of the Border


This weekend is extra special for OFA California volunteer Desi G.

Like the last three weekends, Desi is on the ground canvassing in Las Vegas – part of a huge California contingent volunteering in Nevada to help re-elect President Obama.

But this time around, Desi earned the opportunity to meet First Lady Michelle Obama backstage before a campaign rally as the winner of the “Backstage with Michelle” contest. She was selected among a group of hopeful volunteers who made the commitment and the trip across the border to help win the Silver State.

The First Lady walked right up to me, hugged me and asked me about my volunteer experience. We talked about how crucial Nevada is in this race, and how important it was that Californians travel across the border.

The team in California couldn’t be happier for Desi, who dedicates her weeknights volunteering on the California to Nevada travel team. She arranges travel for volunteers around Southern California, helping to confirm trips and line up rides in carpools, on vans and buses. And when she’s done with the final tallies, she hops on the van herself - often departing Los Angeles on the last van out of town and arriving in Las Vegas well after midnight.

Desi knows it takes an all-out effort to win, and when it comes time to canvass neighborhoods each Saturday starting at 8 a.m., she’s fired up and ready to help turn out Nevada voters. After meeting the First Lady, she’s even more inspired to finish strong.

It was so inspirational to see the First Lady speak in person for the first time. She got me fired up all over again and just reinforced why we need another four years with President Obama to keep moving this country forward.

You can make a direct impact on this election in our neighboring battleground state. Join Desi for the home stretch in Nevada.

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