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Respect. Empower. Include.

Respect. Empower. Include. If you have attended any training or walked into any of our offices, then you have either heard this motto or seen it posted in the office. But you also know that this is more than just a slogan or words written on a piece of paper. It is the life blood of our organization, and it begins by providing the training and leadership development that gives anyone who wants it the tools to connect with supporters in their neighborhood and work for a positive change in their local community and in their country.

“The trainings that we do are so important. When I tell people that I have been trained, and lead trainings with OFA, they are so impressed. You better believe that we are the best of the best and that’s because of the trainings we do and the empowerment we have has volunteers in this campaign.” — Robin D., Community Organizer in Toledo.

This past weekend, volunteer leaders from across Ohio descended upon Columbus to attend and lead such a training. Participants gathered to learn more about building their own neighborhood teams, share their best practices for recruiting and retaining team members, and develop their own coaching and management skills.

Vol Trainers Kelly S.  Tara T.  Robin D.  Stephanie S.  Justin G.
A special “thank you” to our volunteer leaders: Kelly S., Tara T., Robin D., Stephanie S., and Justin G. who lead this weekend’s training.

Over the coming months, volunteer leaders will be hosting Grassroots Planning Sessions in their neighborhoods to share the strategy for recruiting and building strong neighborhood teams and to empower those who want to get more involved in the campaign. If you would like to attend a Grassroots Planning Session in your area, please contact us at [email protected].

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