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"Respect, Empower, Include"

As we begin to gear up for the 2012 campaign, our volunteers have been passionately working together to spread the President's message and goals throughout the state of Maryland. We've been actively recruiting, training, and empowering volunteer leaders across the state and engaging them in their local communities because we believe change happens from the ground up. By taking leadership roles and organizing from the bottom-up, President Obama is doing something no other president before him has done: giving real ownership of the White House to the American people.

Saturday, May 7, was no exception. During our Student Leadership Workshop, student leaders from across the state came together to help our President. By learning key organizing and leadership skills in grassroots campaigning, these students took an active role in shaping how their government works for them and how we, as a nation, can continue to build on the successes we have had thus far.


This campaign will be only as strong as our volunteers. Are you ready to help shape the campaign in your community? Are you IN?

Take the first step by signing up now. See you on the campaign trail!

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