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Republicans for Obama: "This isn't my father's Republican Party"

The GOP convention's in full swing in Tampa today, which makes for an excellent opportunity to introduce you to some Republicans right here in the Granite State. Why? Because there are plenty of New Hampshire Republicans supporting the President this year.

Meet Tammy Perron of Salem. Though she's been a Republican her whole life, she's voting for President Obama, and makes no bones as to why:

“I'm a registered Republican and have been my whole life, but I can say without hesitation that when it comes to women's health, today's Republican Party is just plain backwards. And this starts with their nominee for President, Mitt Romney.”

“The last straw was Romney's choice of running mate. Paul Ryan represents a very different kind of conservatism than I grew up with. Ryan has co-sponsored 38 anti-abortion measures, and was a co-sponsor of Congressman Akin's controversial forcible rape legislation. This isn't my father's Republican Party."

“Look, the bottom line here is that President Obama has fought every day to strengthen women's economic security and empower us to make our own health care decisions. Women, no matter what political party they belong to, can't afford to turn back the clock by electing Mitt Romney. That's why I'll be supporting President Obama in November.”

There's just about 70 days between now and the election. If you're a Republican backing the President this year, join us now.

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